Heatwave Air Conditioning and Heating
The Difference Between Good Enough and the Very Best!

Modulating Gas Furnaces

Tired of your gas furnace turning on and blasting you with hot air, turning off until you start to feel a chill, then blasting you with hot air again? Try a modulating gas furnace that will regulate the heat using a variable firing system that precisely delivers the correct amount of heat depending on room temperature.

2 Speed Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

You will love a 2-speed air conditioner. Not only will they add to your comfort by minimizing temperature swings in your home, but you can set them to dehumidify your home in the monsoon season better than any single speed unit can ever do.

Whole House Air Filtration

The purpose of the filter that comes with your heating and cooling system is to keep the equipment clean, period. If you would like some relief from pollen allergens, or you want a powerful air filter capable of killing 99% of mold, flue and even the common cold virus, we can help.

Mini Split Room Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps

Quite simply, this system uses a super quiet blower that is mounted on the wall so as to not block windows, and an equally quiet condenser mounted outside that can cool, and even heat that room addition with efficiency and silence that will amaze you.

Get the Thermostat that Suits Your Needs

Programmable thermostats are proven earth friendly. They adjust the temperature for you when you are home, at work or asleep. If you are not on a rigid schedule, your home is a second home, or you travel a lot, consider a WiFi connected thermostat that you can adjust with your smart phone. Or you can have both systems, the choice is yours.
2-Stage Air Conditioner
Mastercool Cooler

Manufactured Housing /Mobile Home HVAC Systems

Did you know that it is illegal and dangerous to install a heating system in a manufactured or mobile home that is not listed for that particular usage? We only install safe and proven systems that meet all Federal and State requirements to insure your peace of mind.

We Also Install Evaporative Coolers, Hybrid Heating Systems, Variable Speed Air Conditioners, Ultra-Violet Air Conditioning Coil Purification Lamps, Electrode Steam Humidifiers And More........

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